Thought You Outgrew Comic Books? Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga and Paper Girls Might Change Your Mind

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Since the 1980s, comic book writers have been working hard to change their reputations from creators of pulp to serious artists. Though many comics still offer simple, action-packed plotlines that are tailored to young readers, comic writers like Alan Moore (Swamp Thing, Watchmen, V for Vendetta), Grant Morrison (Animal Man, Multiversity, Batman), and Frank Miller (300, Sin City) have ushered in a new era of sophisticated comic fare for adult readers. No modern writer is leading this charge better than Brian K. Vaughan, a former scribe for the TV show Lost. Vaughan has recently enjoyed great success in writing a few comic titles such as Saga and Paper Girls, both of which have just arrived at the Jackson District Library.

Interested teen readers will be better suited with Paper Girls, a 1980s-set time-travel adventure that follows a group of pre-teen paper girls on an unbelievable journey. Much like the recent Netflix sensation Stranger Things,this title takes a nostalgic look back on an era where acid-wash jeans were considered fashionable. But Vaughan’s compelling sci-fi storyline, which features Cliff Chiang’s supernatural and alien illustrations, makes Paper Girls more valuable than a simple stroll down memory lane.


Saga is a sprawling space opera that follows Alana, Marko, and Hazel, a war-torn family that’s on the run from assassins from their respective homelands. It’s not a story that’s easy to distill into a paragraph, but think of it as a charming mix of Star Wars and Romeo and Juliet. This narrative is so addicting (and beautifully drawn by artist Fiona Staples), you’ll be grateful that we have the first seven volumes in stock. As noted by the comic’s rating, parents and readers should be aware of some graphic content.With volume two of Paper Girls on the way and seven installments of Saga on JDL’s shelves, there’s no better time to start reading Vaughan’s work.

You can check out our Saga and Paper Girls volumes below:

Paper Girls: Volume One
The Saga Series, and more work by Brian K. Vaughan

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