Tessa’s Book Review: One Year After by William R. Forstchen

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One Year After, the latest book by Forstchen, is a good follow up to his first book as well as exploring further the possibilities of an American governmental collapse. While focusing on potential catastrophes from an EMP, the book could also be a great discussion starter on any topics, from economic collapse to ground invasion.


The first book in this series is One Second After, which came out in 2009. These two dystopian novels deal with the aftereffects of an EMP bomb, or electromagnetic pulse bomb, on the continental USA. The author situates the book in some beautiful country—the mountains of North Carolina. I read the first book when it was published, but even so, I reread it before reading the new release and second book, One Year After.

Recently on the New York Times’ bestsellers list, One Year After picks up the threads of the story, with a little more about the global situation, rumors of help, and continued bullying from Asheville. John is now the mayor, and Makala, now his wife, is head of public health & safety. They make a good team. There isn’t much of real interest in the first part of the book. I almost gave up, but then the raiders on the other side of the ridge above Black Mountain kidnap John. And the administrator in Asheville offers John the position of Major General, stationed at the nation’s center in Virginia. If John takes the position, the new draft for Black Mountain will be slashed in half. As Hans Solo would say, John has a bad feeling about this. But will he even escape from the raiders? And if he does, will he head up to Virginia, leaving Black Mountain? Some philosophical references to Machiavelli and others give the books more depth and provocative discussion, and tactical advantages and strategy play a big part in both books. Naturally, there is violence and battlefield medical care. If this kind of book is appealing, you will probably like them both. Recommended to lovers of dystopian or military action. ~ Tessa October 2015 3.5 out of 5 stars

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