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JDL’s Project BRIDGE

At JDL, we are committed to doing our best to meet the needs of all our patrons. In order to help meet that goal, Project BRIDGE (Building Relationships In Diverse Generational Experiences) has been created to cater to the growing senior population in Jackson County, as well as patrons with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, and their caregivers. Below are the different programs and services available through Project BRIDGE.

If you would like more information or would like to sign up for one of the programs or services below, please contact the Community Services Coordinator at 517-905-1347 or deiralaa@myjdl.com.

Journeys Kits

Journeys Kits are multi-sensory kits bringing sight, sound, touch, taste and smell together to explore a foreign land or nostalgic topic. The kits include recipes and snack ideas, tangible topic-related objects, stories, and music to create an engaging experience. A small sample of Journeys Kit titles include: Journey to Summertime, Journey to Jackson’s Prison History, Journey to Poland, and Journey to Spain. The kits are excellent for one-on-one use or for groups of up to about 12. They can be explored in a small setting, or could be used to host a “travel” program. Kits can be checked out and borrowed by individuals and care facilities.


Leaving the hurt and frustration of memory loss behind, this program focuses on the ability to create, imagine and have fun! Through a facilitated session, groups of up to about 10 people share ideas and create a unique story together based on a single photo. The facilitator asks questions based on the photo like, “What would you like to call him?”, “What would you like to say she is doing?”, “Where would you like to say they are going?” This helps to validate the power to create when an individual has been impacted by memory loss. No two stories are ever the same and the process always brings about smiles and laughter! You can schedule a TimeSlips(c) session for your community by contacting the Community Services Coordinator.


Connections Kits contain specially selected books with vibrant photos and minimal text to help foster meaningful conversation and a relaxed environment between caregivers and those in the mild to severe stages of Alzheimer’s/dementia. This experience can help create special moments & cherished memories for the caregiver as well as calming and reducing stress for the individual in care. Kits can be checked out by individuals and care facilities.

Tablet and Hotspot Kits

JDL has partnered with Region 2 Area Agency on Aging to offer tablet and hotspot kits for older adults, adults with disabilities and caregivers in the Jackson area. Patrons can check a kit out to attend online classes and workshops, borrow and read digital material from JDL or connect with family and friends on social media. Kits must be requested through R2AAA. To learn more, call 517-592-1689.

Music and Memory

Studies have shown that listening to music that is meaningful to a person with Alzheimer’s/dementia helps that person remember past events, improves communication, reduces stress and anxiety, and can even help reduce the need for certain types of medications. JDL, in partnership with the Jackson Symphony Guild, is providing iPods with individualized playlists for people experiencing Alzheimer’s/dementia. Project BRIDGE staff connect with care givers to create a playlist that is meaningful to the individual, loads that playlist onto an iPod, and provides the iPod, headphones, play instructions, and a carrying case to the participant, free of charge. The music can be updated periodically, as the participant desires. You can get signed up, or sign up an individual, by filling out the form below. JDL's Community Services Coordinator Anne de Irala will contact you shortly after filling out the form.

Please provide song titles as well as artists whenever possible. If a participant has favorite performers, we will select a few popular songs from each performer if not specifically indicated. Please note: Specific songs with meaning to the participant will have the most profound impact.