JDL Meeting Rooms

Jackson District Library's meeting rooms are primarily available for the library to promote its program of service to the community, however, JDL's Board of Trustees also recognizes that the library facilities belong to the community and permits facilities to be used by established non-commercial groups and organizations primarily based in Jackson County.

The Jackson District Library offers meeting rooms for public gatherings of groups whose primary purposes include non-profit, civic, cultural, or educational work. Access to the library’s meeting rooms is provided regardless of beliefs or affiliations of the individuals or groups using the space. To view JDL's meeting room policy, click here.

Rooms available for reservation include the Brooklyn Branch meeting room, the Concord Branch auditorium, the Eastern Branch Knibloe Room, the Meijer Branch community room, and the auditorium and McIntyre Room at the Carnegie Library.

For same day requests or cancellations, please contact the appropriate branch, found here. For all other requests, fill out the form by clicking here and a JDL employee from the appropriate location will contact you shortly. Please note that by filling out the form below you are making a request, and a reservation is not guaranteed.