Locations at the JDL

Copy, Print, & Fax


All branches have black & white and color printers connected to public access computers. The cost for each side of the page is $0.25 for color and $0.10 for black and white. Payment is accepted at the reference or front desk. Patrons cannot print through the WiFi network.

You may print files directly from applications on the computer station or from personal USB thumb drives accessed via the computer. All print jobs are sent to a staffed desk and payment is rendered prior to being printed.


Each branch has a black and white copier available for public use. Copies are $0.10 per page. Some branches have color copiers available for $0.25 per page; inquire with your local branch to find out their capabilities - click here to go to the library locations and contact information page.


Branch copiers can also send fax documents free of charge.