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How Will The Millage Be Spent?

Millage funds will be used to maintain high quality library services, without disruption, to citizens of all ages residing in Jackson County. Services which encompass collections, programs, outreach, Inter-library loan, reference, technology, classes, public computers, Internet services, and more will continue and be expanded as budgets allow to meet the needs of the residents. JDL recognizes the critical importance of keeping current with new developments in technology and services while also continuing to provide traditional resources for all. Specifically, funds will be spent to enhance collections, facilities, and technology, as well as expand hours, programs and outreach services.


JDL has a total collection of approximately 500,000 books for children, young adults, and adults in formats which vary from hardcover to paperback, ebooks to audio books, large print, fiction, non-fiction, and reference. There are also music collections, magazines, databases, online resources, genealogy, historical pictures, movies, streaming videos, and gaming collections.


Collections are regularly reviewed and, based on usage statistics, funds are used to enhance and keep them up-to-date. Our collections comprised approximately 15% of expenditures for 2015 and we are committed to keeping them current and secure to meet the needs of the Jackson community. We will work with each branch and their patrons to ensure their collections reflect the interests of each unique community.

Did You Know?

When JDL purchases a popular title, not only do we purchase multiple copies, we also purchase six different formats – hardcover, paperback, large print, audio, ebook, and e-audio. When that popular book is made into a movie, we also purchase the DVD and Blu-Ray, the license to show the film for programs and the soundtrack.


JDL currently maintains thirteen branch locations. Much like a homeowner, and as a good steward of public funds, we have a schedule for ongoing maintenance and small repairs (painting, plumbing, etc.) for all buildings. There is also a schedule for major equipment replacement (HVAC systems, boilers, delivery van, etc.) and major building renovation needs (roofs, parking lots, carpeting, etc.) The better that we are able to maintain the facilities, the longer they will be able to serve the public.

In our ever-changing world, what does the future hold for libraries? Currently, we are seeing collections and technologies that were not even thought of 10 years ago. To accommodate these changes and innovations, we are challenged to keep our facilities equipped and to transform them when necessary. With available funding and community partners, JDL plans to address these issues at various locations and will accommodate the diverse needs of our communities for programs, enhanced accessibility, meeting spaces, quiet/study zones and children’s areas.

Did You Know?

Using budgeted funds and with input from community stakeholders, JDL renovated and expanded the Meijer Branch in 2013/14 to meet the ever-changing needs of our community. With special emphasis on new services and technology, this branch now features a digital lab available for patron use, an expanded number of public computers, community meeting spaces, study rooms and a state-of-the-art children’s area.


In the ever-changing area of technology, JDL is committed to being on the cutting edge. From classes on “How to Turn the Darn Thing On” to a “Petting Zoo” of technology devices, to a state-of-the-art Digital Studio, we strive to meet the needs of our customers. Plans for expanding technology services include:

  • Providing circulation of “Hot Spots” which are devices allowing internet access from customer’s homes or other locations that are not equipped for internet service.
  • Creation of Videos for 24/7 instruction on devices and software.
  • Expanded Self-Checkout Technology at multiple locations.
  • Availability of laptops and/or Tablets, i.e., iPads, for patron check-out.
  • Expansion of programming for video-gaming.
  • Exploration of needs and resources for video-conferencing capability.

Did You Know?

Even with the popularity of Google searches, our staff researched and answered over 118,350 reference questions in 2015, for an average of 324 per day!


Jackson District Library facilities were open a total of 24,047 hours in 2015 to serve the Jackson community. In addition, library services were available 24/7 through the digital services on our website.

In today’s society, we have services available 24 hours a day. Whether it is running to the store for groceries, banking, fast food, or medical care, we are accustomed to getting what we want, when we want it. We’re pleased to provide 24/7 access via our website but we would like to offer more days and longer hours at all branches. With additional funding, we will work with our communities to enhance hours of operations that meet their needs.

Did You Know?

On an average Wednesday in June, approximately 3,300 people visit the Jackson District Library during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Programs and Services

JDL branches quite often serve as a “Community Hub” hosting programs and meetings for their service areas. In 2015, 65,365 individuals attended 2,619 programs/classes offered at our branches. In addition, 10,604 individuals attended 2,798 meetings held at our libraries.

Programs offered include Storytimes for all ages of children (including babies); Arts & Crafts Classes for all ages; Book Groups/Discussions; Writing Groups; Community Forums on all different topics; Panel Discussions on issues at the local, state and national levels; movies; gaming; Dog Shows and Trainings; computer classes; author visits; and many more.

Based on community needs, JDL anticipates new programs and services, including:

Expanded Outreach Services

    • TimeSlips™ – TimeSlips™ improves the well-being of elders by infusing creativity into care relationships and systems. This program opens storytelling to everyone by replacing the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine. By looking at pictures or an object, people use their imaginations to develop stories which are printed out to share with families and friends.

  • Connections – For family members, friends or caregivers, memory loss can seem an insurmountable obstacle to real communication with loved ones. It has been discovered that the right book at the right time can create an enjoyable moment and contribute to the quality of life for a person experiencing memory loss. To help make “connections” when dealing with these issues, book kits would be available for check out by family members, caregivers, friends and care facilities. Each kit includes 4-6 “picture” books and a detailed description of the program with suggestions on how best to use the materials to generate real conversations.
  • Adult Literacy Program – Adult Literacy is the key that can improve all areas of our community’s economic and social well-being. In Michigan, one in every three adults have literacy skills that are below the fifth grade level. JDL is committed to supporting adult literacy programming with our community partners and provide materials to help improve their literacy, math and computer skills. Participants will be better prepared to earn their GED and be qualified for better employment.
  • Expand partnerships with local Schools – Continue to provide enrichment programming to the schools county wide, such as Jackson Storyfest, Young Poets Contest, Story Wizards readers for preschool classes and monthly book delivery to preschools.
  • Develop new programming to enhance literacy offerings to engage students in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math(STEM).
  • Expand Early Literacy efforts such as 1,000 books before Kindergarten.
  • Provide and enhance access to resources to help the Business have the information they need to succeed.

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