Brooklyn Branch

The library formed in Brooklyn in 1918 later became part of the Jackson County Library. With the formation of the District, the Brooklyn Library decided to remain independent with some service and materials provided by Jackson District Library. However the building, a former church, was not suitable as a Jackson District Library building. The Brooklyn Library board purchased the US Post Office building in Brooklyn and repurposed it into a new District branch in 1998. The building was expanded and updated again in 2021.

To reserve the community meeting room at the Brooklyn Branch, visit our meeting room webpage.

JDL was honored to receive the 2022 Spruce Award for the Brooklyn Branch renovations at the Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce annual "Better Together Community Awards". This award recognizes organizations that renovate, remodel, build and “spruce up” a building in the Irish Hills and Brooklyn area.

207 N. Main St.
Brooklyn, MI 49230
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Monday: 10-8
Tuesday: 10-6
Wednesday: 10-6
Thursday: 10-6
Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-3

Branch Manager
Erica Grimm

Erica Grimm


Size: 4,770 Sq. Feet
Original Branch: 1918
Current Branch: 1998