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Jackson District Library's 18th Annual Young Poets Contest took place over the course of the Winter and Spring of 2022 - when staff compiled more than 950 entries from students in grades K-12 throughout Jackson County and judges evaluated the entries. On April 21, the library hosted the winners at the Middle School at Parkside with an awards ceremony.

Young Poets Books from each year of the contest with the winning poems listed are available for check out from our catalog.

Young Poets Winners

Lenna Caro & Emma Uphaus

1st Grade:
Hanna Uphaus

2nd Grade:
Harper Sullivan

3rd Grade:
Olivia Heiler

4th Grade:
Landyn Walker

5th Grade:
Breanna Manchester

6th Grade:
Clare Day & Libby Prevo

7th Grade:
Sophia Lenski

8th Grade:
Sofy McWilliams

9th Grade:
Emma Brugger

10th Grade:
Marielle Metcalf

11th Grade:
Madalynn Dochoda

12th Grade:
Jordan Gretzner