Locations at the JDL

Get Caught Reading

The Jackson District Library is encouraging everyone to get caught reading this March. Dust off that book you’ve been putting off, pick up an old favorite you’ve already read dozens of times, or start reading that novel you got as a Christmas present because it’s time to celebrate March is Reading Month.

All ages can participate, and everyone from Jackson's mayor to your favorite barista at your corner coffee shop is taking part in JDL’s reading challenge. Simply read a total of four hours over the course of March to win a free umbrella - just in time for April showers - and also get entered into our grand prize drawing for a wide variety of prizes including pool passes, a Dungeons & Dragons bundle, and more.

Sign up for the challenge here.

Snap a picture of yourself reading in any of JDL’s “Reading Nooks,” located at each JDL location, and tag JDL on social media along with the #getcaughtreading hashtag for a bonus grand prize entry. Take a selfie and tag JDL at any of the Jackson County businesses and locations participating below to enter into our drawing as well. All participating locations are included below, along with a map:

All JDL locations
Jackson Symphony Orchestra | 215 W. Michigan Ave. | Jackson
Ella Sharp Museum | 3225 Fourth St. | Jackson
Jackson Coffee Company | 201 S. Mechanic St. | Jackson
Callaghan's Coffee Cafe | 109 S. Main St. | Brooklyn
Fortress Cafe | 133 W. Michigan Ave. | Jackson
Bone Island Grille | 4614 Francis St. | Jackson
Nostalgia Ink | 139 S. Mechanic St. | Jackson
Miller Shoe Parlor | 103 W. Michigan Ave. | Jackson
Jackson School of the Arts | 135 W. Cortland St. | Jackson
Girl Scouts Regional Center | 4403 Francis St. | Jackson
Jackson Candy & Fudge Factory | 1522. E. Michigan Ave. | Jackson
Ogma Brewing Co. | 129 E. Michigan Ave. | Jackson
Vandercook Ace Hardware | 4595 Francis St. | Jackson
MLK Center | 1107 Adrian St. | Jackson
YMCA | 127 W. Wesley St. | Jackson
Nevermore Decor Store | 120 W. Michigan Ave. | Jackson