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For up-to-date material reviews, check out JDL's monthly podcast "Untitled" as well as our most-recent "Book Tasting" episode below. Both are readers advisory programs where we discuss some of our favorite (and least favorite) books, movies, songs, and more. We talk about who might like this kind of media and oftentimes have guests on to talk about what they have been reading, watching, and listening to.

Click here to see a full list of archived podcast episodes on Spotify and click here to see a full list of Book Tasting videos on our YouTube channel.

Here at Jackson District Library, we're an enthusiastic, dedicated group of story lovers - and we're spreading that love around. JDL Picks is an all-encompassing initiative that highlights our love for books, movies, and more by providing recommendations and reviews from staff through a number of means. Whether that's personalized book suggestions and movie suggestions, our quarterly "Book Tasting" videos, or our monthly podcast, we're always available to help you find your next favorite book or movie.