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JDL Strategic Plan 2023-2024

Due to the change in JDL Directors at the end of 2022, this strategic plan was developed to bring forward projects from the previous plan as well as to evaluate existing services to determine how they can be enhanced to better support Jackson County. This “bridge” strategic plan was created in a shorter amount of time than usual to prepare us for a long-term strategic plan in 2025 and beyond.

Members of the administrative and branch manager groups, as well as the Board of Trustees, provided input for the creation of this plan. Not only does this strategic plan provide a framework for achieving certain outcomes, it also holds JDL accountable to its stakeholders.


1. JDL will continue to Create Engaging Spaces at all locations.

2. JDL will ensure a friendly and welcoming environment for Jackson County residents by Caring for our Communities.

3. JDL will continue to Deliver a Uniform Experience across the county, aligned with JDL’s values and ensuring the same type and level of service at any JDL location.

4. In anticipation of the expiration of JDL’s current millage, we will Prepare for Our Millage by developing an informational campaign beginning in 2023 in preparation for a 2024 ballot question.

5. During 2022, Management Staff at JDL worked through a process to Establish Values for the Organization.

6. JDL will offer Enhanced Library Services to Support Increased Literacy in Jackson County.


To review a full, detailed copy of the 2023-2024 Strategic Plan, click here.