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2024 Millage Information

Last approved in 2016, the library’s millage accounts for the vast majority of JDL's funding and a county-wide renewal vote is on the ballot November 5, 2024. JDL officials are asking for a millage renewal for the next eight years.


View the chart below to see how much it will cost based on the taxable value of your home, which is typically about half the market value. The average Jackson County property has a taxable value of roughly $70,000.

Put simply, you can expect JDL to continue to do what's it's done the last 8 years. Since the millage is a renewal and not an increase, officials plan to continue to:

- Have 13 library locations across Jackson County serve 27 municipalities and 12 school districts.

- Staff more than 130 area residents.

- Refresh, renovate, and maintain JDL's locations to better serve you.

- Circulate nearly 1.5 million books, movies, video games, and more.

Without 90% of JDL's funding, you can expect some drastic changes to how the district operates, including 90% cuts to our facilities and locations budget, 90% cuts to our materials and services, a 90% reduction in our staffing and operating hours, and more.

Property taxes are calculated based on the taxable value of a piece of property. The rate by which property is taxed is called a mill. A millage is the amount per $1,000 of a property's taxable value.

To calculate the amount generated from a millage, a property owner would divide the taxable value of their home by 1,000 and then multiply that sum by the proposed 1.7411 millage rate.

(Taxable Value / 1,000) x 1.7411 = Annual Cost

Click this link to find the taxable value of your property.

Jackson County voters approved a 1.75 millage in 2016 but due to a 1978 Michigan law that rate drops if property values outpace inflation.

JDL officials do not see a need to increase the rate
and instead are asking for a renewal of the current, adjusted rate.

Use of the library in Jackson County is high, and we expect it to grow in the future.

- JDL has more than 1,000 people visit our locations every day.

- More than 500 new library cards are issued each month, on average.

- Nearly 1.5 million items were checked out in 2023.

- In a recent survey of Jackson County residents, nearly 40% said they use the library on a weekly basis.