Winter 2017 – 2018 Newsletter

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Your Library, Your Way

Beginning January 1, 2018, we will be making some improvements that will transform the way you use the library and make your life so much easier.

Unlimited Renewals

We’re taking away the worry. If you borrow it, you keep it until someone else wants it and we will automatically renew it for you! Or bring it back when you are ready! The “due date” is going the way of the card catalog. Don’t know what a card catalog is? It’s like a paper search engine. Ask your librarian about them.

This will be an option no matter what type of format you have checked out: books, movies, music, etc… Old or new.

Increased Holds

Place up to 50 holds, regardless of format.

Movies, Your Way!

No more waiting before you can place a hold on a new movie. If you see it in our online catalog, you can request it. Even if a movie is so new it isn’t out yet. You will want to talk to our staff about ways you can receive alerts so you know what’s coming weeks in advance.

Keep Movies Longer

All DVDs will check out for 7 days. No more 2-day checkouts, regardless of how popular or new the movie is. It will still be possible to drop by a branch and see what’s new because a browsing selection of Hot Picks movies will be available. These are the only items not available for holds and they cannot be renewed, which means there will always be something new to catch when you visit your local branch.

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