Tessa’s Travel Guide Recommendation: 50 Hikes in Michigan: Sixty Walks, Day Trips & Backpacks in the Lower Peninsula by Jim DuFresne

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JDL received the 3rd edition of Jim DuFresne’s 50 Hikes in Michigan as a donation from the author himself. DuFresne is a lifelong Michigander and has authored multiple travel and outdoor books, including this Explorer’s Guide entry. The well-organized, portable book is suitable for keeping in the car while traveling, although not one you would want to carry on the trail itself. This edition contains 10 extra walks, which explains the subtitle.


Even before the contents’ pages, there is a great graph listing the hikes by name, then region, distance, major features and notes. The contents page has a map facing it that shows all the hikes by number. These trails are all over the Lower Peninsula, in all types of terrain. At the beginning of each entry is a small box which gives details including distance, time, difficulty rating, GPS, and more. Each entry also has a map of the trail with significant features marked. Then the chapter will give a brief introduction and any historical significance followed by access directions and, finally, a breakdown of the trail itself. Photos accompany the sections, giving a sample of the views.

A proven listing in Michigan outdoor guides, this is a great book to check out or purchase for fresh inspiration and new horizons. Thanks to Jim DuFresne for donating this new edition.~ Tessa July 2015 3.75 out of 5 stars

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