Tessa’s Recommendation: A Light-Hearted SciFi Adventure Trilogy: Earth Girl by Janet Edwards

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EarthGirlDon’t expect too much from this trilogy by English author Janet Edwards, and you’ll love it. Earth Girl is written with young adults in mind, it isn’t terribly complicated, but the world-building works for me. There were no glaring errors or inconsistencies, which is always nice. And Edwards’ characters were pretty great. The basic story is built around Jarra, a reject of society because she is Handicapped. Orphaned, Earth-bound, and brought up in care because of her physical inability to step through a portal to another planet, Jarra has never had a family and never been off Earth. She has resented her status all her life, even attempted to portal anyway and almost died, and worked hard to show that she isn’t an Ape, as the Handicapped are often called. Many otherworlders actually believe the Apes are throwbacks–smelly, ugly, and stupid. They aren’t aware that the Handicapped don’t even have the right to vote on how things are run on Earth.

Now ready for college, Earth Girl begins with Jarra’s plan to pretend she is from another planet, join an advanced off world class studying at an archeological dig, and prove to everyone that they can’t even tell she isn’t one of them. She does such a good job, that she gains lots of responsibility on the dig, and makes some great friends. She even falls in love with one of them. (Who’s surprised?) But will they still be her friends when they find out the truth?

Along the way, we learn some great future world slang, get oriented to the way future college works, and begin to figure out which planet everyone is from and what that means. There are some typical college shenanigans, and we discover that Jarra’s professor is a fine human being. Others in the class, not so much. We’d be nardle to expect everything to be blizz, wouldn’t we? No romantic triangles, but lots of adventures from across the galaxies that Jarra and friends solve. Of course. ~ Tessa June 2016 4 out of 5 stars

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