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The new release DVD A birder’s guide to everything was missed by most people when it was in theaters for a couple months. That’s probably just as well. This pic should be missed. Even though reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes seem to like it, I simply can’t agree.

This is a movie about a father-son relationship in difficulties. The nerdy main character deals by going on a birding road trip with his high school buddies, even though he is supposed to be in his dad’s wedding. Sounds epic for families, right? Nope.Birder's Guide To Everything

Here’s the main issue: the audience. Who on earth were they targeting when they made this? First, don’t make the mistake of thinking this movie is ok for your kids. That’s only the case if you don’t mind them hearing lots of really crude sexual remarks, foul language and seeing a completely gratuitous breast flash. The high school boys’ language and remarks may be accurate and realistic, but that doesn’t mean you want to encourage your 10-year-old to talk that way. So. Not a family movie.

Is it for birders? This birder says absolutely not! The target bird of the movie is completely ridiculous. Both my husband and I looked at it and said, “It’s a mallard!” The most common water bird of North America? Really? That’s the bird they chose to serve as the extinct Labrador Duck? They also made up a bird name in another situation—why? Weren’t there enough weird bird names for them? Seems like dickcissel would’ve worked. Or bobolink. Or even veery.

Not family, not birders. Who then? Guys? Nope—too touchy feely for them. I mean, the teenaged main character cries, for crying out loud! Teens? Same thing. Maybe teen girls, but probably not. I guess the appeal is mainly for adults who like offbeat dramatic offerings. Bearing the above cautions in mind, you might find it mildly entertaining. Don’t expect any awards for this one. Not even any nominations. ~Tessa 2.5 out of 5 stars ★ ★ ½  July 2014

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Tessa has been a reference librarian in the JDL Reference Department for more than eight years. A voracious reader, she reviews materials in many genres and formats, including science fiction and fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, nonfiction, and young adult. Join her on Good Reads, a free online place to keep track of your reads, share reviews with others, and find new titles. She and her husband enjoy reading, birding, and hiking.

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