Tessa Recommends Tana French’s book: The Secret Place

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In her fifth book, The Secret Place, in what is now dubbed The Dublin Murder Squad (DMS) series, Tana French brings familiar characters into a new Dublin setting: an expensive girls’ boarding school. This exceptional atmospheric suspense begins when a familiar figure visits Detective Stephen Moran at work. Holly Mackey has come bearing a card with a photo and caption. The caption says, “I know who killed him.” The photo is of young Chris Harper, murdered the previous year on the grounds of Holly’s school.


Unfortunately, this case isn’t actually one of Moran’s. Currently assigned to Cold Cases, Stephen desperately wants onto the Murder Squad. Card in hand, Stephen visits the newest Murder Squad detective, Antoinette Conway. She allows him to come along to the school and investigate this new development. In a non-stop tense ordeal, they interview the students again, while flashbacks tell the story from the girls’ point of view, gradually approaching the night of the murder.

Two groups of girls quickly become the focus—Holly and her friends and a clique that hates them. As we sit in on the interviews and experience the flashbacks, we become immersed in the life of these eight teenagers—its drama, cruelty, risk-taking, and experimentation. In a fascinating step into magical realism, French describes Holly and her friends discovering secret powers and the whole school seeing the boy’s ghost. Many aspects of the girls’ lives are left open to speculation, so I wonder if we will see more of them in the future, as we often do with French’s DMS characters. Five out five stars for this fifth book! French hasn’t written a dud yet. (Her next one, The Trespasser, comes out in August!) Highly recommended. ~ Tessa June 2016 5 out of 5 stars

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