Got Peeps?

Float them, dissolve them, build with them, even eat them! Easter Peeps STEM is fun for the whole family!

Call 517-783-4030 to save your spot.

Crash Test!

Create your own crash test vehicle out of select materials (upcycled, recycled and new) and keep your egg safe! No real eggs will be harmed during this program.

Dates and Locations:

Hanover: March 4, Open Hours

Eastern: March 12, 6 PM

Meijer: April 9, 4 PM

Grass Lake: April 16, 6 PM

Concord: April 22, 4 PM

Summit: April 23, 4:30 PM

Brooklyn: April 29, 4 PM

Carnegie: May 10, 2 PM

You’ve Been Zapped!

Are you ready for an electrifying experience? In honor of Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, join us as we learn about static electricity and see how it’s created. Try out a Van de Graaff generator and conduct some experiments using household materials. It will be a hair-raising event!

Call 517-522-8211 to register.

Build a Tinker Tray Snowflake

Drop by the Parma Branch anytime during the week of January 13 and learn about what makes a snowflake by making your own! This is an easy winter-themed STEM craft – it helps develop fine motor skills and teaches symmetry!

Melting Snowmen STEM Activity

Kids will create snowmen out of biodegradable packing peanuts and then watch them melt using the magic of science.

Dates & Locations:

Grass Lake: December 12, 4 PM (Call 517-522-8211 to register)

Henrietta: December 13, 5 PM (Call 517-769-6537 to register)

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