Spring Mushroom Foraging

Local non-profit Havenswood Farm will be teaching an introduction to springtime foraging, with a focus on safety and edible gourmet spring mushroom species. Learn how to identify safe mushrooms, learn the best environments for finding morels, and ask questions of your own!

Introduction to Foraging

Foraging fosters a deep appreciation of and connection with the land as well as helping you better understand and manage your land and resources. This presentation will introduce the basics of foraging including reasons to forage, the practicality of foraging in a modern world, dietary considerations, foraging seasons, and legal and ethical concerns.

The primary focus of the lecture will be foraging for food items; however, other wild goods such as medicines and hygiene products will also be discussed.

All About Birds

Spring is here and the birds are singing! Come make a standing bird craft, check out our bird books display, learn all about birds and read in our reading nook!

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