CD Spectrometers

This DIY science project will change how you look at light. A spectrometer is a device that separates the wavelengths of light. Using a cereal box and a used CD, we’ll build one and see how different types of light sources make different wavelengths of light.

Registration required. Please call the Meijer Branch at (517) 788-4480 to save a spot.

Intended for Tweens & Teens (10 & Up).

Science @ Stories

It’s never too soon to start exploring and learning with your child! JDL storytimes offer age-appropriate books, music, and activities for babies, toddlers, families, and young children. Most importantly, they develop everyone’s imaginations!

Thursdays @ 9:30 a.m.

Science & Stories

Join the Meijer Branch for a scientific storytime experiment!

Half storytime and half laboratory! Learn about science through stories, experiments, and exploration. Experiments may be messy, so dress appropriately.

Intended for ages 3-5.


Join the Meijer Branch for a b0t-tastic event!

Build and race robots using a toothbrush, motor, and a battery!

Registration required, so call the Meijer Branch at (517) 788-4480 to save your spot.

Intended for ages 5 & up.

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