Spring Mushroom Foraging

Local non-profit Havenswood Farm will be teaching an introduction to springtime foraging, with a focus on safety and edible gourmet spring mushroom species. Learn how to identify safe mushrooms, learn the best environments for finding morels, and ask questions of your own!

Lowry’s Little Flock Farm

Come pet, feed, and learn about the Little Flock: llama, alpaca, miniature donkey, goats, sheep, rabbits and friendly turkey!

This program will take place in the park beside the Spring Arbor police station.

Introduction to Foraging

Foraging fosters a deep appreciation of and connection with the land as well as helping you better understand and manage your land and resources. This presentation will introduce the basics of foraging including reasons to forage, the practicality of foraging in a modern world, dietary considerations, foraging seasons, and legal and ethical concerns.

The primary focus of the lecture will be foraging for food items; however, other wild goods such as medicines and hygiene products will also be discussed.

Invite Nature into Your Garden with Native Plants

Wildlife is running out of space. Birds, bees, and butterflies are in decline. Wildflowers are disappearing from our roadsides. But we can take action to reverse this trend by making wise planting choices in our own yards. Come and learn how to turn your yard into a habitat for the wild creatures you love.

This program is offered in partnership with the Concord Garden Club, Friends of the Jackson District Library-Concord Branch and the Concord Branch library.

Presented by Betty Seagull, Board Member of the Wildflower Association of Michigan and past President of Wild Ones, Red Cedar Chapter. Betty is an enthusiastic gardener and nature lover.

Genot Winter Elk Picor Presents “The Coming of Winter: Stories, Songs, and Dances of the Great Lake’s First People.”

Genot Winter Elk Picor Presents “The Coming of Winter: Stories, Songs, and Dances of the Great Lake’s First People.”

Seasonal changes to the land were explained in scared narratives of the First People. Why does squirrel teach us that it is good to be prepared? Why does the sky change quickly in Michigan? How did the first potlatch-Thanksgiving come to be? Learn these stories with voice and Native American hand-talking.

We marvel at the wonders of the earth, sky, and water! Join Genot Winter Elk Picor and thanks for nature!

Intended for 3rd through 5th graders.

“Our Majestic Great Lakes”

Join the Carnegie Branch for a book review and a presentation by the author, Loreen Niewenhuis.

In 2009, Loreen Niewenhuis walked the perimeter of Lake Michigan and wrote the bestselling book, A 1,000-Mile Walk On The Beach. In 2012, Loreen took another long journey, covering 1,000 miles of shoreline touching all five Great Lakes. The book about this latest adventure, A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Walk, explores the entire Great Lakes system.

In this presentation, Loreen will take you along the shores of all five Great Lakes and many of the waterways connecting them. In words, photos, and video, you’ll explore the geology, hydrology, and natural history of the largest system of freshwater lakes in the world. She will also illuminate the threats to this massive ecosystem: invasive species, pollution, destruction of wetlands, and the gradual warming of the lakes.

Niewenhuis speaks with the authority of an expert as she has an M.S. degree in biological sciences. She raises the important questions about preserving our wild places and protecting the fragile ecosystems on which we all depend.

Please, join us as we explore the Great Lakes with author Loreen Niewenhuis.

Image result for loreen niewenhuis open at 6:30 p.m. for mingling and refreshments.

Intended for all ages.

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