Napoleon Branch

Fire & Sharpies Craft

Make your own coasters using Sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol and fire! We’ll transform simple ceramic tiles into one of a kind works of art with a few simple ingredients.

Space and supplies are limited, please call 517-536-4266 to register.

Rakugo Storyteller

Join us to watch and listen to comical Japanese stories in English! Rakugo is a traditional form of storytelling dating back to the Edo Period (1603-1868) and is performed by a storyteller or Rakugoka.

Around the World in 9 Days

Welcome to your quest: Travel the world and experience the art and activities of people all around the globe to acquire all the flags along the way. Where will you travel next? Egypt, Peru, Tanzania, France? Navigate the customs and traditions of each country to continue your quest to visit all 13 countries represented at the Jackson District Library!

All art and activities are available during branch open hours until 30 minutes before each branch closes during the week of Spring Break (March 28-April 5). Navigate 3 countries to earn a prize and navigate 7 countries to earn a second prize. If you navigate 10 countries, you will be entered into a grand prize drawing.

For more information, contact any JDL branch.

Art in a Bottle

Make an amazing work of art with watercolor and spray bottles! All materials provided.

Dates and Locations:

Napoleon: March 16, 4 PM

Grass Lake: Marcy 19, 6 PM

Spring Arbor: March 27, Open Hours

Meijer: April 7, 3 PM

Parma: April 15, 1 PM

Eastern: April 15, 2 PM

Carnegie: April 26, 2 PM

Springport: April 28, 2 PM

Brooklyn: May 6, 4 PM

Henrietta: May 22, 5 PM


Express Yourself!

Join us as we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month this Spring and upcycle an old t-shirt into a creative bag as well as designing a personalized journal. All materials provided.

Dates and Locations:

Carnegie: March 1, 2 PM

Napoleon: March 4, Open Hours

Concord: March 11, Open Hours

Parma: March 13, 2 PM

Brooklyn: March 18, 4 PM

Meijer: March 20, 4 PM

Springport: March 24, 2 PM

Spring Arbor: March 27, Open Hours

Hanover: April 15, Open Hours

Grass Lake: May 7, 6 PM

Eastern: May 12, 6 PM

Mardi Gras Masks

Beads, feathers, and bling – it’s a Mardi Gras thing! Create your own Mardi Gras Masks at the Napoleon Branch.

Space and supplies are limited, please call 517-536-4266 to save your spot.

Suet Bird Feeder Ornaments

Want a “cheep” craft? Join us to make cookie cutter birdseed ornaments to keep your backyard birds fed this winter!

Space and supplies are limited, please call the Napoleon Branch at 517-536-4266 to save your spot!

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