Our Strategic Plan

In September 2009, the board and staff of the Jackson District Library participated in a Strategic Planning Retreat. Several issues were identified as priority concerns that needed to be addressed to best serve the needs of library patrons throughout Jackson County. As a result of this planning day, six employee task forces were formed throughout the library system to address these identified priorities. These groups of dedicated individuals have made great progress in addressing the issues identified in each of the priority areas and have been reporting back to the board and employees on their ongoing progress over the past five years.

A description of each Task Force and a link to the most recent update appear below:

    • Technology Task Force

      Connect to the Online World: Public Internet Access. Residents will have high-speed access to the digital world with no unnecessary restrictions or fees to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the ever-growing resources and services available through the internet.

    • Facilities Task Force

      Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces. Residents will have a safe and welcoming physical place to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read and will have open and accessible virtual spaces that support networking.

    • Early Literacy Task Force

      Create Young Readers: Early Literacy. Children from birth to five years of age will have programs and services designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen.

    • Information Fluency Task Force

      Understand How to Find, Evaluate and Use Information: Information Fluency. Residents will know when they need information to resolve an issue or answer a question and will have the skills to search for, locate, evaluate, and effectively use information to meet their needs. We will use the skills and services of JDL to help guide and encourage users of every age as they seek to benefit from the multiplicity of information sources and technologies that are available.

In addition to the preceding task forces, two additional groups were formed to address internal issues relevant to the successful implementation of the identified priority areas:

    • Operations Task Force

      The role of the Operations Task Force is to examine and review the current operating policies and procedures of the Jackson District Library system and to recommend alternative operating procedures that will result in greater efficiencies of operation and enhanced customer service.

    • Service Delivery Task Force

      The challenge presented to the Service Delivery Task Force was to examine relevant JDL history and demographics and review models of service delivery in similar U.S. libraries with the aim of recommending 3-5 alternative models of service.