Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020

Jackson District Library will be a state of the art library system that provides the highest quality collections, services and technology to all Jackson County residents. JDL will strongly support Jackson County’s Strategic Plan to transform our community into one of the nation’s most desirable places to live, work and play for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

  1. Promote lifelong learning and literacy

    JDL will offer programs and services designed to assist children from birth to age five to enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen. Staff will work extensively with all educational institutions in Jackson County to promote library materials that will help students and teachers succeed in school. Teens and adults will have the resources they need to improve their literacy skills in order to achieve their personal goals and succeed in life.

  2. Engage extensively with community to enhance library services

    JDL will continually seek out partnerships and collaborations with all sectors of the Jackson community to enhance existing services and identify new services to all age groups.

  3. Celebrate our local history and genealogy

    JDL will use the 150th anniversary of public library service in Jackson in 2015 to generate interest and excitement about the library in the community and pursue a leadership role in collecting, digitizing and preserving unique local content.

  4. Support economic and workforce development efforts in Jackson County

    JDL will serve as a stable and powerful resource for individuals, businesses and other organizations striving to build a strong and resilient economy in Jackson County.

  5. Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Experience

    JDL staff will be an engaged, collaborative and well trained team, supported by committed leadership to serve the public in the most effective manner.


JDL’s strategic plan should ultimately reflect community priorities while also addressing critical organizational enhancements needed in order to be successful. Thanks to the efforts of initiatives such as Jackson 2020, an enormous amount of work has already been done in Jackson County to identify community priorities. In our online survey, we asked residents to identify three areas where JDL can make the most impact. Respondents selected Education, Arts, Recreation, and Cultural Opportunities, Community and Social Supports, and Economic Development as their top four choices.

JDL is a founding member of the Cradle2 Career (C2C) collaborative in Jackson County. C2C is the network of education and community leaders working together to achieve common goals in education. C2C believes that all Jackson county students will grow, learn and succeed through the support of the entire community. Working together, C2C is connecting quality, lifelong education to successful employment. Therefore, we identified this area as Strategic Priority # 1.

While residents also saw a big role for us in providing Arts, Recreation, and Cultural Opportunities, we did not identify this as a distinct strategic priority because it is so deeply ingrained into everything we do at JDL and well represented in the other priorities.

JDL staff has repeatedly emphasized the need to engage more extensively with the Jackson community to reach underserved and unserved audiences. Public libraries nationwide are recognizing that this new focus on community engagement is absolutely critical to their long term relevance and success. Survey respondents also identified Community and Social Supports as a key area of focus for JDL. Consequently, we identified this area as Strategic Priority # 2. We continually hear that public libraries nationwide have distinguished themselves in their communities by taking a leadership role in collecting, digitizing and curating unique, local historical documents and other content. In view of the upcoming 150th anniversary of public library service in Jackson, we thought that this would be a perfect time to generate community interest and excitement around this area. This is reflected as Strategic Priority # 3.

It is very important that JDL is seen as a strong and valuable contributor to long term economic and workforce development efforts in Jackson County. JDL is represented in Jackson County’s Economic and Workforce Development Coordinating Council. Public libraries are expanding services to new and existing businesses, delivering fundamental workforce development services, and providing ongoing professional and personal technology training. Everyone benefits from a strong and vibrant local economy. Survey respondents identified Economic Development as an important area for JDL, so we added this as Strategic Priority # 4.
JDL staff provided extremely valuable feedback during the strategic planning process and provided numerous suggestions for enhancing library services. This is reflected in Strategic Priority # 5. Staff suggestions and public comments have been summarized in a document that a staff action team will use to inform their future discussions. JDL leadership is committed to fostering a rich and vibrant organizational culture where every staff member’s opinion and contribution is valued and respected.

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