Public Computers

Services Your Jackson District Library Provides

Public Computers

Computers are available on a first come, first served basis. Your library card and PIN are required to register for time at a machine. The following rules and limitations apply when working on public computers at all JDL branches.
JDL public computers are available at all JDL branches and currently have at least Windows 7. Some branches — Carnegie, Meijer, Eastern, and Summit — have Windows 10. Computers are equipped with Chrome, Edge, Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Adobe Reader XI, Picasa, and Quicktime.)
USB Devices
JDL allows the use of USB storage devices in its public computers to save or retrieve information. USB storage devices should not require device drivers or special software to be installed for use with Windows. Connecting other types of devices to the computer using the USB ports is not recommended. The library is not responsible for technical support required by the use of the devices or any damage, loss or destruction of personal devices connected by customers. Please note that affordable USB thumbdrives are available for sale in our branches for $5.00.

Public computers do not have speakers, but patrons may use JDL provided headphones.
Library Cards
Patrons using public computer stations at the library must have a library card.

You must use a library card registered in your own name to use a computer. Directions for signing up to use a computer use are posted at the Computer Sign-Up station.

One-time users of JDL public computers, including non-residents of Jackson County, may register as guests. All guests must present valid identification — a driver’s license, student identification card, passport, or other picture identification to a branch staff member.

Your library fines must be less than $10, or you will have to sign a promissory note in order to use a public computer.
Children and Young Adults
Students ages 9 through 17 are required to obtain a JDL card in order to sign up for a computer.

Children 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult when using computers in any Jackson District Library.
Further Policies
While using public computer stations you must agree to abide by the Jackson District Library’s Internet Policy.

Our public computers were replaced in 2012 through a federal BTOP program grant.

These 115 machines have Windows 10 operating systems and various productivity software. We also have 8 public Macintosh desktop computers and 4 in the Digital Studio.

There are currently 14 Advanced Workstations in Education (AWE) digital learning stations; there is one per branch, two at the Carnegie Library, and three at the Meijer branch. These touch screen computers are fun and easy-to-use for children.

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