Outreach Services

Services Your Jackson District Library Provides

Outreach Services is responsible for delivering library materials and providing library services to individuals who are homebound or in residential facilities. This service is available for individuals on a temporary or permanent basis.

Outreach Services is also responsible for maintaining a depository collection of large-print materials in residential facilities.

For Information call our Outreach Services coordinator at (517) 788-4087 Ext. 1343.

On the Horizon: JDL’s Project BRIDGE

At JDL, we are committed to do our best to meet the needs of ALL our patrons. In order to help meet that goal, Project BRIDGE (Building Relationships In Diverse Generational Experiences) has been created to cater to the growing senior population in Jackson County, as well as patrons with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia and their caregivers. To give you a sneak peek of what is in active development, here is a summary of the BRIDGE programs and when they will be available for our patrons.

  • Music and Memory

    JDL, in partnership with the Jackson Symphony Guild, has available Individualized iPod Kits for participants with dementia. Project BRIDGE staff will
    meet with care givers to create a playlist that is meaningful to the individual. Studies have shown this assists a person with Alzheimer’s/dementia to remember past events, improves communication, reduces stress and anxiety as well as reducing the need for certain types of medications.

  • Journeys

    Journeys Kits are multi-sensory kits bringing sight, sound, touch, taste and smell together to explore a foreign land or nostalgic topic. Food, specially selected tangible objects, vibrant pictures and music come together creating an engaging experience. A small sample of Journeys Kit titles include: Journey to Summertime, Journey to Jackson’s Prison History, Journey to Poland and Journey to Spain. There are currently 7 countries and multiple topics to explore with more in development. This is excellent for one on one or groups of up to about 12 people.

  • JDL On the Road

    JDL: On the Road has been taking the Jackson County Care Communities by storm! This program does exactly as it sounds; the wonderful, fun and informative programs JDL offers at our many library locations comes to care communities and senior centers, making access to these experiences possible for those who may not be able to travel to library sites. This has been greatly popular and continues to grow in size!

  • TimeSlips©

    TimeSlips© is expanding throughout our community! Leaving the hurt and frustration of memory loss behind, this program focuses on the ability to create, imagine and have fun! Groups of up to about 10 people share ideas and create a unique story together based on a photo shared. The photo has no famous people or places – nothing that could trigger a memory. The purpose is to validate the power to CREATE when an individual has been impacted by memory loss. No two stories are ever the same and the process always brings about smiles and laughter!

  • Connections

    Connections uses vibrant photos and minimal text in specially selected books to create a relaxed environment where meaningful conversation shared among caregivers and those in the mild to severe stages of Alzheimer’s/dementia. This experience can help create special moments & cherished memories for the caregiver as well as calming and reducing stress for the individual in care.

If you have any questions about these programs, feel free to contact The Community Engagement Department at community@myjdl.com.

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