Questions About the Presidential Candidates?

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The current presidential campaign has me somewhat on edge, because it is still not down to two candidates. That’s the longest I can remember the nominations remaining undecided, ever—and I am an old termagant. Suddenly all the primaries are getting attention, not just Iowa and New Hampshire. Even Michigan will have a role in the decision this year. The Michigan primary is coming up on March 8th. If you are still uncertain how you will vote in Michigan’s primary, the library has books on each of the main candidates.

Never Enough: Donald Trump and the pursuit of success by Pulitzer Prize winner Michael D’Antonio is an authorized biography of the Wharton School graduate. D’Antonio was given generous access to Trump himself and all his adult children, along with many other people close to Trump. The New York Times called the book a “straightforward, evenhanded but nonetheless damning account.” Thoroughly researched and reporting from his Queens’ childhood on, D’Antonio shows where The Donald comes from, what he was, what he is, and how he got here. trump-dantonio

ClintonMost people are already familiar with the former First Lady and Secretary of State, but for anyone who isn’t or who still has questions, check out the newest book, Hard Choices, by herself, Hillary Clinton.

Vermont senator and independent Bernie Sanders, now running for president as a democrat, has a long career as a populist. 35 years of distinguished public service give the author of The Essential Bernie Sanders and his vision for America, Jonathan Tasini, a lot of data to work with. However, Library Journal calls it “essentially an extended political pamphlet.” Still, if you want to know his platform or stance on particular issues, here is a great source.Sanders-Tasini

cruzFinally, a political newcomer and one of the more controversial candidates is portrayed in his autobiography: A Time for Truth: reigniting the promise of America by Ted Cruz. Cruz has only run in one election, coming to the Senate from the Texas’ Solicitor General office. Houston native Cruz is of Cuban descent, attended Princeton and Harvard Universities, and clerked for then Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Professor Alan Dershowitz has said that Cruz, in law school, was “off-the-charts brilliant.”

The Jackson District Library has many other books, in many formats, on current candidates and political issues. Let us be your go-to source for current events! ~ Tessa February 2016

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