Not Recommended by Tessa: Slade House, or any book, by David Mitchell

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Over the weekend I finally finished, sort of, reading Slade House. I say sort of because I got bored at the halfway point and skipped towards the end, dipping in and getting bored again before finally finishing. This is very similar to my reaction to Cloud Atlas, also by David Mitchell, which won several awards, including the Nebula Award, and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. I gave that book 100 pages—more than usual. Since science fiction is one of my favorite genres, these were both surprising disappointments.


Before writing this review, I scanned Goodreads for several of Mitchell’s books’ reviews, including this one. I was taken aback to find lots of the GR people I follow abandoning Mitchell’s books, too! Some of these readers are literary enthusiasts, some are science fiction fans, but most of them have read a lot of books, both widely and deeply. Therefore, I feel it is justifiable to say these books affect many people as they did me. That is, they don’t affect us. They bore us and fail to pull us into the story or characters.

My main issue with Slade House in particular is the content. Grotesqueries are NOT what I want. I have created a new Goodreads shelf for them, since many current authors seem to be falling into this category. Neil Gaiman, Mitchell, Paulo Bacigalupi, and China Miéville are on the shelf for sure. Also Cherie Priest and James S. A. Corey. (Even though I like Corey’s Expanse series a lot. See my November 9, 2015 review.)

But the biggest problem with Mitchell’s books is his habit of nesting stories. I find them not so much nested as scattered. Mitchell and some literary types think this is great literary mechanism. But most people seem to find Mitchell’s jolting POV changes pretty tiresome. I think he just gets bored (yeah, me, too) with a piece of his own writing and jumps to his next plot outline point. As I said, I jumped, too, about halfway through both the books. There were no surprises and nothing that I couldn’t understand. I just didn’t really care to. Sad, really, cause the guy’s got skills. Not recommended ~ Tessa 2.5 out of 5 stars August 2016

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