How The Library Is Funded

How Is Jackson District Library Funded?

The primary funding source for the Jackson District Library (JDL) is Property Taxes derived from one millage voted in by Jackson County residents.  This mill expiring December, 2024.  Other sources of revenue include Library Fines and Fees, State Aid, Penal Fines, and Miscellaneous.  Each of these sources are presented in more detail below:

Property Tax

Tax revenue is generated from a millage rate of 1.750 (equal to $1.75 per $1000 of taxable value of all taxable property of Jackson County).  Due to the fluctuating amounts of other revenues, Property Taxes for 2020 represented 87% of JDL’s total revenues.

State Aid

Act 89 of 1977 provides for the establishment of cooperative libraries and for an appropriation for public libraries participating in cooperative libraries.  Jackson District Library is a member of the Woodlands Library Cooperative and submits annual statistical reports to the State of Michigan as part of the State Aid process.  Michigan library statistics are compiled from the Annual Report/State Aid Application submitted by public libraries, cooperatives and braille and talking book libraries. The statistics are available at

Penal Fines

The Michigan State Constitution of 1963 requires that all penalties collected for violations of the state penal laws be divided into court costs, statutory fees, and penal fees. The penal fines are placed in a library fund to be used for the support of public libraries.  Penal fines are distributed to public libraries by county treasurers. The amount is determined yearly based on population and local laws. The amount distributed depends on the amount of citations written using the state penal code, the fines levied by the court, and the fines collected by the county.

Fines and Fees

Approximately 1/10 of 1% of JDL’s annual revenue comes from the collection of library fines and fees. In addition to fines for overdue books; there are minimal fees charged for copies, printing, fax service, flash drives, earbuds, computer discs, library card replacement, census microfilm and photo archives reproduction.  There are no fees charged for interloan requests, use of meeting rooms, or notary service.  There is a yearly fee of $75.00 for out of county residents desiring a library card.


Contracted services & other revenue is included in the Miscellaneous revenue which accounts for approximately 1.9% of the annual revenues.

The 2020 Audit Report for Jackson District Library is available.

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