Hear The 2014 Young Poets

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This year, we received a record 978 entries on a wide variety of themes from students throughout Jackson County. We congratulate all entrants for participating in this year’s contest and for expressing their creativity in such a fine manner.

— Ishwar Laxminarayan, Director


The Jackson District Library is very proud to organize this annual contest to commemorate National Poetry Month. We sincerely thank all the parents, teachers, librarians and staff of Jackson County schools who encourage their students to participate and make this such a successful event year after year. Hear the award-winning poems from the 2014 Poets Among Us: Young Poets Contest…


First Place


By Benjamin Fannin, Homeschool

Benjamin Fannin

Trains are fast,
On the track they blast.
Trains have steam,
The crew is a team.
Trains take people places,
Chases, chases, chases.
Down the hill,
Away we go!

Second Place


By Mckenzie McKluskey, Parnall Elementary School

Mckenzie McKluskey


Third Place


By Mason Becker, Parnall Elementary School

Mason Becker

Red-Eared Turtle

Honorable Mention


By Kayleigh Rice, Parnall Elementary School

Kayleigh Rice

Lily Pad

Grade One

First Place


By Thomas Hoel, Homeschool

Thomas Hoel

Red is an apple
Red is a falling leaf
Red is a robin’s feather
Red is a sour raspberry
Red smells like a rose
Red feels like a rug
Red looks like a drum set
And lava from a volcano
And a nose on a clown
And a kangaroo that hops
Up and down
Red is hot and warms me up

Second Place


By Alayna LaFrance, Columbia Elementary School

Alayna LaFrance

Eats grass
Black and white lines
Runs fast
Away it goes!

Third Place


By Brandon Chrisman, Columbia Elementary School

Brandon Chrisman

Gray clouds
Rainy day
Away down the sun goes
Yawn to sleep

Honorable Mention


By Samantha Lewis, Columbia Elementary School

Samantha Lewis

Mean Vicious
Swimming Chopping Sleeping
Not a vegetarian.
Deep Sea Critter

Grade Two

First Place

My Family

By Esha Otta, Dibble Elementary School

Esha Otta

My family is small,
My father, mother, sister and me.
But we have a ball,
You should come and see.

Trips, camps, games,
Playing in the sun.
Guessing names,
And having lots of fun.

In the winter when it snows,
We love playing outside.
And when the wind blows,
Under the snow we hide.

We are there for each other,
Through thick and thin.
We love one another.
Over any difficulty we can win.

I am thankful to God,
For giving me this family.
Him I will laud,
And I say this happily.

My family is the best,
The best in the world.
And I am blessed,

Second Place

When Pigs Fly

By Nolan Mattson, Concord Elementary School

Nolan Mattson

When pigs fly,
I think I am crazy.
When pigs fly maybe I am nutty.
I don’t know why,
I think pigs fly.
Maybe it’s because I am a little lazy.
Even though I wake up early.
Pigs go now and then.
So wake me up at 10:00.
Then go to the mall and get a pig pen.
Then a pig will fly in.
We will be like “yippee” because we caught him.
Then a new one flies in.
When pigs fly,
Get a horse and say goodbye.

Third Place


By Gabi Principe, Bean Elementary School

Gabi Principe

Silver smells like a cupcake wrapper.
Silver looks like a shiny 2nd place medal.
Silver tastes like the water in my water bottle.
Silver feels like cold, metal bars.
Silver sounds like my chair legs rubbing against the floor.

Honorable Mention

I Wish…

By Courtney Blakemore, Bean Elementary School

Courtney Blakemore

I wish I was a Bitty Baby so I could be
played with. I would be named Gabriella.
I would have brown hair and a pretty
dress. I would play with the cat. I would
ride on the cat! I would have a brother
named Blake. We would play house
together. I would have an older sister
named Brooke. We would be happy as a
family could be.

Honorable Mention

Fat Cat

By Ava Brooks, Dibble Elementary School

I saw a fat cat.
I saw it sleep so peacefully
Dreaming of a mouse.

Grade Three

First Place


By Natalya Howard, Homeschool

Natalya Howard

As the happy snowflakes play tag,
They start to feel tired.
When it gets dark,
They hold hands
And make a blanket
So the world is warm at night.

Second Place

My Teacher Ate My Homework

By Ella Easterday, George Long Elementary School

Ella Esterday

My teacher ate my homework,
I really don’t know why.
He ripped it up in pieces,
And baked it in a pie.
He said it was very yummy.
He thought it made him smart,
But it really was just apples that were very, very tart.

Third Place

Make Your Mark

By Cheyenne Mosher, George Long Elementary School

Cheyenne Mosher

Make it your day today.
All the ideas you have are yours.
Keep your past away from now.
Everyday have love in your heart.

You control the way you act.
Our mark is to achieve goals.
Understand your goals.
Run with your dreams.

Mark your feelings.
Always stay true to yourself.
Remake goals everywhere.
Keep the goal till it’s done.

Grade Four

First Place


By Jake Bradley, Bean Elementary School

Jake Bradley
I am in a breezy tree
I feel so young and free

I am way up in the bright blue sky
I am a bird soaring by

I am freshly fallen snow
I am a glistening star a-glow

I am a white puffy cloud above
I am a perfect singing dove

Nothing can spoil this incredible feeling
I am a boy ready to dance on the ceiling!

Second Place


By Dalton Heavy, Bean Elementary School

Dalton Heavy

I’m shaking like jelly,
With my hands on my belly.

I’m trying to stop
But I’m going to drop.

I feel like someone’s tickling me
I’m on a laughing spree!

If I keep telling jokes
I’ll be laughing till we’re old folks.

Third Place

Opening Night

By Nicholas Gerring, Homeschool

Nicholas Gerring

Stage Left, Stage Right,
I’m so excited,
It’s opening night,

The curtains rise,
I walk out on stage,
Then I dramatize,

I said my line,
Remembered my part,
Everything was fine,

We take our bow,
There is great applause,
It’s all over now,

Stage Left, Stage Right,
It was exciting,
My opening night.

Honorable Mention


By Aaron King, Bean Elementary School

Aaron King

I feel like I’m going to ace this test
I feel like I’m going to be the very best.

I write down the answers on the page,
And I’m just waiting for the test’s next stage.

I’m done with the test, “Relieved”
I just got done with this whole test with ‘ez’.

I passed my paper to the teacher,
I feel like a man cheering on a bleacher.

I get the test back anxious to see
I open it up……….and I got a “D”.

Honorable Mention


By Lydia Coleman, Pioneers Homeschool Co-op

Lydia Coleman

Chevy is my dog.
He’s fluffy and big in size.
Chevy has golden fur
And big, brown eyes.

Grade Five

First Place


By Andrew Jordon, Hanover-Horton Elementary School

Andrew Jordon

All the trees are covered in green.
Birds coming back from the south.
Calls coming from the birds.
Don’t drown in your pool.
Everyone is having fun.
Finches are a really pretty yellow in the Spring.
Going to Florida during spring break.
High temperatures.
It is spring, warm spring.
Just another day in paradise.
Kites fly in the sky on windy spring days.
Lovely spring day isn’t it.
My, oh my it’s raining outside.
No we switched times again.
One amazing spring day.
Please can I go outside? It’s 70 out.
Quiet it’s so quiet you can hear the birds chirping perfectly.
Really it’s really 85 out.
Swim in the pool.
Too cool dude your inground pool is so cool.
Under umbrellas to keep cool.
Violent bears are done hibernating.
Winters all over. Finally!
X-rays in case you fall out of the tree.
Yes it’s spring. It’s my favorite season.
Zebra flowers look great in the spring!

Second Place

I Am A Car

By Colton Jacobs, Jackson Christian Elementary School

Colton Jacobs

I’m a car
You know me for racing and road trips
My Mom is a convertible
My Dad is a semi
I was born in a big American factory
I live in a man cave
My best friend is the gas pump
Because he fills me up when I’m feeling low
We like to go on long road trips
My enemy is the coffee cup
Because he’ll stain my carpets
I fear rust
Because I’ll be sold to the metal recycling factory
I love new rims
Because I look cool cruising around in them
I wish to be in Nascar.

Third Place

My Family is like a Pizza

By Sadie Dietsch, Jackson Christian Elementary School

Sadie Dietsch

My family is like a pizza
My Dad is like the breading on the bottom of the pizza, holding us up,
My Mom is the sauce, adding spice to our life,
My brother is the cheese, fun to play with but greasy,
And I am the pepperoni, the smallest of the family but I brighten up the pizza.

Honorable Mention

My Monster Poem

By Jakob Hart, Hanover-Horton Elementary School

Jakob Hart

My monster has a body like a hairy, nasty, yellow grandpa
Eyes like puffed up gooey snake slits
A mouth like a blue moon
A nose like a moldy, smelly, rotten, three-year-old loaf of bread
Legs like broken hollow stilts
Arms like tree branches

My monster is as friendly as a grumpy ogre
As clever as a box of tiny rocks
As quiet as a troll’s burp
As smelly as my dad’s hairy armpits
And as frightening as Chucky

My monster’s name is Hudson

Grade Six

First Place

Circle Pines

By Gaea Gaecke, Middle School at Parkside

Gaea Gaecke

Driving slowly
Down a tree-enclosed dirt road
Listening to show tunes
Pulling up at the farm house
Suddenly draped in sunlight
I check into camp,
Hop onto the back porch,
And carelessly wave goodbye to my parents
I run to Xochil and Ruby
Embracing in sweaty yet welcoming hugs
We join in on picking mulberries from the climbing tree
Chatting about our year apart
Choosing the perfect cabin
Is most important of all
It is where we will make memories
To take back home with us
We know we will meet again
In our dreams
And our memories

Second Place

The Cello

By Grace Shoemaker, Middle School at Parkside

Grace Shoemaker

Vibrant sounds flowing
The beauty arises
Magnificent colors appear
The magic begins
As I play
I become the music
Dancing on the notes
Circling every rest
As the harmony decreases
And the lights simmer down
The crowd dazed and speechlessly
Starts clapping
As I bowed
I knew that this is not the end
For this is my passion!

Third Place


By Tyler Fox, Middle School at Parkside

Tyler Fox

Loading bullets
Slowly and carefully
Safety first

Bang, bang, bang
The sound of gun shots
A real rush

Three shots fired
Three nearly-dead birds
I’m not sad at all

I was wore out
When the sun hit the ground
I said goodbye

I left quietly
I haven’t been back since
All was peaceful again

Honorable Mention

Super Heroes

By Ben Arkles, Middle School at Parkside

Ben Arkles

Robin is red
Batman is blue
Thor is stepping on my shoe

Hulk is green
Wolverine is yellow
I hear Shazam is a real nice fellow

I see a cat
I see a bat
I see a penguin with a hat

Grade Seven

First Place

Butterfly, Fly Free

By Samantha Brashares, Vandercook Lake Middle School

Samantha Brashares

I sense your forest
green eye’s staring at
my twisted curls, like
you are hypnotized by
them; irritation sets in
like a heavy layer of
fog. Your stare renders
me defenseless.
Catching hold of your
gaze is like being
caught in a butterfly
net. I try to break free
from your petrifying
glare, but your eyes
hold me there, like I
am some jewel to be
admired. I am enraged
that you think of me
so; I am like lightning,
I could strike you down
in a moments notice.
You break the trance
between us as if
sensing my inner
thoughts. For once you
are the one who looks

Second Place

Impossible Things

By Colette Winter, Michigan Center Junior/Senior High School

Colette Winter

What do you see?
Can I make you see the impossible things?
Like a unicorn with five pairs of wings with
glitter all around us?
Or a turtle with seven million babies crawling
on the hot sand?
Isn’t that what you have been looking for?
For I can make you see the impossible.
Like a billion shades of red?
Or a frog with ten heads hopping all around us
licking up flies buzzing upon our heads?
Can’t you see now open your eyes let them see
all the impossible things.
I can make you see things that don’t exist.
Together we make impossible strength within
our souls of imagination.
And most importantly we can see when
everyone else is blind!

Third Place

Hello, Goodbye Winter

By Karter Fannin, Homeschool

Karter Fannin

A snowy night as darkness falls
Children playing with little dolls
Christmas coming ‘round the corner
Pretty women in prettier dresses
“Merry Christmas everyone!” Santa confesses
A new year like a new canvas
Make new resolutions, lose some weight
Have some fun and create
Say bye to snow, spring’s rolling in
Plant some seeds, seedlings begin
Goodbye winter, see ya next year
And we’ll have great tidings and great cheer

Honorable Mention

I Am

By Jayda Blanchard, daVinci Primary
I am a middle school student.
I wonder if I could be a role model.
I hear my teacher teaching.
I see my teacher teaching me what I need to know.
I want to be a strong and educated young lady.
I am a middle school student.

I am a middle school student.
I pretend I’m in the teacher’s place.
I feel smart, well educated, and independent.
I touch my pencils and books.
I worry that I might get bad grades.
I cry when I get bad grades.
I am a middle school student.

I understand I have to push myself to pass and get good grades.
I say I can’t do it but I truly can.
I dream to graduate.
I try to succeed.
I hope I get grades and graduate and be something in life.
I am a middle school student.

Grade Eight

First Place


By Max Gregg, Columbia Middle School

Max Gregg

Bitter Wind, frozen snot,
Swinging tree stands, bitter talk,
Of this nights stalk, for the deer,
That changes the world, and all with ears.

Night is slowly rolling in,
As lurking beasts howl, and green monsters grin,
I think it high time I begin,
To leave my perch, with just my sweaty skin.

But I am stopped by a valiant sight,
A buck appeared, this gallant knight,
He was 4 tons, and had one-hundred antlers,
And they so slowed his elegant canter,
And when they entangled in the massive trees,
I knew this was the time, it would be.

And my heart said, “Make him red!”
And my brain said, “Fill’em with lead!”
And my gun responded, “He will be dead.”

And when my finger lashed the trigger,
And with my soul full of vigor,
With fire spitting out death,
Even if my aim was not the best,
I thought that my gun, will surely, pass the test.

Oh, for I was wrong! That evil buck,
Sneered at me, and scuttled through muck,
Spreading the rumor to other deer,
That the man in the tree stand was nothing to fear.

Second Place

Snow Flake

By Nicole Roof, Columbia Middle School
She dances as she falls
She leaps for a safe place to land
She is one of a kind
No one is like her

Her dress is made of beautiful silk
She spins to show all angles of her dress
She shows off her cold personality
She can get carried away with the lightest gust of wind

Her heart is cold like ice
She can’t stand anything warm
She is so shy
She disappears with the lightest touch

Third Place


By Nicole Ostrander, Columbia Middle School

Nicole Ostrander

She stands and holds hands with every race
She loves them all equally
She looks no different than you and me
She tries to get us to live like her
But sadly we ignore her like empty space
She still tries and tries to get us to live in harmony
Some of us will try to help her
But some die in the hopes
She will never rest until we have an equal world
She is peace

Honorable Mention

A Precious Pearl

By Jacob Walsh, Pioneers Homeschool Co-op

Jacob Walsh

Moms are great,
That’s one thing of which there’s no debate.
Though sometimes I want to faint,
You help me dear mother, you’re a saint.
On my birthday, turning seven,
You made me feel like I’m in Heaven!
You’re kind, you’re sweet, you make me good things to eat.
And on one hard day, your love was contagious – it gave away.
I love you, my beloved Mama.
You taught me not to end a sentence with a comma.
Sometimes I drive you crazy,
Just so you’ll want to raise me.
Once in a while, small things make me pout.
But you have much bigger problems to think about.
You love me through weakness and through strength.
Your love is three trillion feet in length.
You cook an amazing dinner,
Without you, I’d be a lot thinner!
You’re a great, beautiful, faithful girl.
You’re more precious than the purest pearl.
And now I hope you see it is so –
You are my friend, not my foe.
On into my teenage years,
You help me to face my greatest fears.
Though now I sometimes stray,
I just want to say…
No matter how much I fret,
You are the one thing I will never forget.
You stop the worst of my strife,
I’ll love you all of my life.
Even when I take my final breath,
I’ll remember you in my death.

Grade Nine

First Place

Seasons of Clarklake

By Mackenzi Collins, Columbia Central High School

Mackenzi Collins

I have watched the seasons change on Clarklake for fourteen years
I have come to appreciate my senses for making me aware of all of the beautiful seasons

In the Fall, I see docks coming out of the water
I feel a fuzzy blanket against my skin on late night boat rides
I hear the quietness of the lake
I smell bonfires and burning leaf pile smoke from across the lake
I taste s’mores

In the Winter, I see a sheet of ice over the lake
I feel my skates gliding across the smooth lake
I hear snowmobiles
I smell hot soup cooking at the Beach Bar & Restaurant
I taste hot chocolate

In the Spring, I see how clear the water is
I feel the minnows biting my feet as I start to put my feet in the water
I hear the dam flowing
I smell the fumes of the first boat rides of the year
I taste artesian well water from the lake

In the summer, I see the marina full of boats
I feel the warmth of the sun against my tan skin
I hear country music coming from every pontoon boat nearby
I smell the sweet coconut smell of tanning oil
I taste my sisters’ lemonade stand

Seasons here are spectacular…

Second Place


By Jesse Jordan, Columbia Central High School

Bright lights in the sky.
Full of mystery and surprise.
The final frontier, a mysterious place.
A gracious light on your face.
What seems like something small,
Is a large planet far away.
Millions occupy space.
We are left with questions.
Will we discover them all?
Can we live on them?
Friend or foe?
Hot or cold?
Earth or gas?
We will have to find out ourselves!
As I drive in my car,
I wonder of these wonderful, beautiful,
Stars in the sky.

Third Place


By Dakota Diefenthaler, Columbia Central High School

Dakota Diefenthaler

Dirt is brown.
Worms live in the brown dirt.
Dirt makes the world go round.
Dirt grows the food we eat.
Without dirt we would have nothing to eat.
Dirt grows us.
Not food.

Honorable Mention


By Tara Schatzle, Columbia Central High School
With all its oceans,
And its beautiful life,
There’s no place like home.

Honorable Mention

The Moon

By Erika Libey, Columbia Central High School

Erika Libey

Such a large round object, floating in the sky
Circling the earth night after night.
What a beautiful sight!
Never stops shining
Full moon, Half moon, New moon
Night after night never stopping
Oh moon shine on and Have A Good Night!

Grade Ten

First Place

Rise Up My Son!

By Jenna Sexton, Homeschool

Jenna Sexton

Rise up my son! Leave the battlefield red.
Don’t tarry, please hasten from your bloody bed.
For you the town is parading, for you the crowds can sing.
Why do you lay there my son? For you the bells shall ring!
We all remember your bravery as you led your men to war.
Your flag bravely rippling, for Liberty and Justice you swore.
Your skin is so pale, so still you stay.
Rise up, Rise up! Dance and be gay!
My son you grieve me. Why do you drag your feet?
Why won’t you listen, again my pleading repeats?
The many soldiers, their lives to waste
Could not compare to the bravery you faced.
And on that cruel day when I sent you off to fight,
I hoped that you would conquer. I prayed with all my might.
Rise up my son! The crowds they mourn.
Their hero absent, their faces forlorn.
Rise up and claim the trophy yours.
The medal of the purest gold.
Rise up and take the glory thine, the dignity you shall uphold.
I leave you to your idleness upon the red stained moor
With bullets black and jackets red, the echo of the battle roar.

Second Place


By Annaka Saari, Hanover-Horton High School

Nostalgia and I,
We get along well.
He takes me to Heaven,
Then puts me through Hell.
He reminds me of summer,
Freedom so sweet,
Then pulls my attention,
To snow, cold at my feet.
He reminded me of you,
No longer “You and I.”
At first it brought laughter,
Then prompted me to cry.
Nostalgia makes life bittersweet,
And why, I’ve figured out:
It brings about the fondest memories,
But also those I wish to live without.

Third Place


By Alexis Barlow, Hanover-Horton High School

Love is the look in your eyes
Those silly little butterflies
The smile that doesn’t fade away
My first and last thought every single day
How every song brings you to my mind
The one thing everyone takes their whole life to find
Mine is you, yours is me
With you there’s nowhere else I’d rather be

Love is the way it feels when you’re around
How I fell and you didn’t let me hit the ground
Your name, the way it brings a smile to my face
This feeling is something I can’t replace
Your smile is the one thing that makes my day
The one thing that’s perfect in every way
The amazing feeling, that I hope stays

Honorable Mention

Where is the remote?

By Cameron Vinton, Hanover-Horton High School

Is it under the couch?
Is it in the cushions?
Is it on the stand?
Is it near the TV?
Is it outside the room?
Is it underneath the table?
Is it throughout the house?
Is it around the lamp?
Is it with the dog?
Is it in the basket?
Is it beside the counter?
Is it against the pillows?
Where is the remote?

Grade Eleven

First Place

A Black Winter

By Katy Dryer, Western High School

Katy Dryer

The deceased petals
Scattered across my nightstand table
Painting the surface with
Ten shades of
And my worn out mind
Travels to when
The petals were a part of a stem
They were alive
And flushed with
Endless shades of

Second Place

Winter’s Calling

By Helena Howard, Homeschool

Helena Howard

Leaves falling in a sleeping world,
Sunsets bursting on the trees.
Colors drifting to the ground,
While whispers of frost are in the air.
The wind is cold, the ground is frozen,
And a blanket of snow covers the earth.
Snowflakes dance on the breeze,
While Jack Frost nips at your nose.
There is white all around,
And snowmen line the yard.
Igloos and snowforts dot the lawn,
and snowballs fly through the air.
Winter is calling.
Do you answer the call?

Third Place


By Brandon Loomis, Columbia High School

Brandon Loomis

They say the smallest things in
life matter most, like an atom
of course. Built me up from
head to toe, allows me to
shake my head Yes and No,
the reason why I am here
today. How can something so
small make a Giraffe so tall?
They make up the entire
world we live in today.
So I ask you, do the
smallest things in life matter
to you now?

Honorable Mention

Engineering and Technology

By Brandon Herzberg, Columbia Central High School

There are many engineers in our world
From Mechanical to civil to agricultural and computer
They all do one thing
That is they make technology better

Agricultural engineers make new machinery
They make great greenery
The way they help the environment is extraordinary

Without Civil engineers we would be at a standstill
Wouldn’t be able to use the roads
Be stuck on one side of the River
Cause there would be no bridge

The lack of mechanical engineers would be terrible
We would miss our engines
Our aircrafts and watercrafts too
We would even miss our manufactured goods
With no mechanical engineers we would be doomed

Computer engineers deal with computers
We use one every day
Everything runs on a computer
Without these girls and guys
We would be back in the Stone Age

As you can see engineers are important
Each have a specific job
But each one keeps the worlds technologies running
For without engineers
The world wouldn’t be turning

Grade Twelve

First Place

Be Someone’s Someone

By Cassidy Vader, Vandercook Lake High School

Cassidy Vader

Be the reason someone wakes up in the morning.
Love someone so much they can’t bear to part with you.
Laugh with someone so often it becomes a habit that neither of you can break.
See someone so much so that you couldn’t possibly forget them.
Remember the tattoo that peeks out above his shirt,
Or the dimple that appears whenever she smiles.

Write a story with her as the hero.
Send a letter to make him smile.
Save a life with the scribbles and scrawling
In your tattered spiral notebook.

Stand up for what you believe in,
But also who you believe in.

Don’t be a passerby.
Be a life changer,
A go getter,
A friend.

Don’t be a bully.
Be a helping hand,
A shoulder to cry on,
A savior.

Be supportive
And caring,
And open.

Make someone’s day,
Because that day,
Might mean their life.

Second Place

Back and Forth

By Kayci Marr, Northwest High School

Kayci Marr

I walk towards the water
A brisk pace to match the thumping of my heart against my suit
The change from hot, dry sand to moist is exhilarating
I’m nervous but giddy
The anticipation of what could happen knocks me
And I sit there on the moist sand
And wait.
I take the time to run my hands along the brown, grainy flecks as I take in the differences between the dry, hot earth and the cool, refreshingly unexplored water and how they have come together to create this strange in between

An in between that, for a long time now, has been enough
But suddenly, is vanilla compared to caramel twist
Is a sunflower compared to an orchid
A desert compared to an ocean
Ravenous, uncharted
Ardently waiting, Patiently exploring, Forever hunting
Mystifying movements and thoughts
Beautiful, yet with a murky lucidity like that of a swamp
If I entered, would it clear?
Was it worth the risk?
I walked back up the beach
Reconsidered, and walked back down to the great unknown.
This repeated for quite some time until I was sure the ocean was either going to swallow me whole
-send a wave so large it engulfed me-making the decision for the indecisive-
Or become stagnant, moving on and taking a little part of me with it.
But it didn’t.
It continued its restless movements as it waited for me to make a decision.
The waves and I became one.
Preparing ourselves.
Back and forth. Back and forth.
I returned to the golden grass, untouched by the ocean’s salt.
Still thriving, alive, pure.
Back and forth. Back and forth.
I peer into the great abyss, its waves forever at a constant rhythm.
Back and forth. Back and forth.

Third Place

The Box

By Eli Page, Hanover-Horton High School

They put you in this box
And they say “you’ll do fine”
And “just survive”
What if you want more than it has to offer?
Maybe the walls are the wrong color
Or the wrong texture
Or the wrong depth
You can see the seam of light dripping through the top.
You can’t help but wonder what’s above you
Other than this thin top.
Something has to be above that.
I’ll take it

Honorable Mention

The Twister

By Chloe Silveus, Hanover-Horton High School

From out of the darkness of night it came,
Roaring and wailing it’s own death-song:
Some of it’s path were left the same,
While for reasons no one among us can name-
Others were “snuffed out” and taken along!

The sound of its coming was short – but loud
For those who saw it – a terrible sight:
As lightning flashed from ominous cloud,
It seemed a lowering, somber shroud-
For those swept away in the darkness of night…

It stalked like the foot of an angry god
Across the face of the land;
As with giant strides, it dipped and trod-
And littered the face of the new-born sod-
With a vagrant, irresponsible hand…

The blinding rain which came in its wake,
As if to cleanse the night of it’s shame-
Only served to emphasize this mistake,
Of nature’s ruthless, indiscriminate brake-
On man- with powers he cannot tame-
As out of the darkness of the night it came!!

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