January/February 2016 Newsletter

The Jackson District Library is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and hardworking band of volunteers and Friends throughout the District. These individuals give their time, energy and creativity selflessly to make their library the best it can be. From organizing book sales to assisting at special events, our Friends support our libraries in numerous ways. We are truly thankful for everything they do for us and sincerely thank them for their support!

On December 8, 2015, we hosted a Holiday Dessert Tea to celebrate the dedication of our friends and recognize the accomplishments of a selected few who consistently went above and beyond their call of duty to render special service to JDL.

With that in mind, we turn to the new year. Big changes are in store at your library. Take a look ahead!





November/December 2015 Newsletter

“Year after year, Michigan’s libraries consistently expand services and find new ways
to serve their communities,” said Randy Riley, State Librarian in a press release
announcing the awards. He added that “the 2015 nominations demonstrate how
creative, impactful and diverse libraries are across the state. Michigan libraries of all
types are successfully focusing on what is unique about their communities and are
successfully tailoring services to meet those evolving needs.”

In this edition of Chapters we’ll learn how the tradition of expanding service from the city to the county level dates back to the late 1920s, with part six of Lynne Loftis and Diana Agy’s library history. We’ll also find out about all that is new and happening through the rest of this year, continuing a long tradition of meeting Jackson County’s needs.




September/October 2015 Newsletter

From Reading Room to Public Library: A 150 Year Journey

In this issue of Chapters, Lynne Loftis and Diana Agy continue the journey with part five in a series of richly detailed and thoroughly researched pieces covering Jackson District Library’s 150 years of history. Next, we look at the debate surrounding the legalization of Marijuana in Michigan. The Jackson Mayoral Candidates also take the stage to answer your questions, and the library begins gearing up for Halloween. Got your steamy pumpkin-spiced beverage in hand? Let’s go.




July/August 2015 Newsletter

From Reading Room to Public Library: A 150 Year Journey

Here Lynne Loftis and Diana Agy share the latest in a series of richly detailed and thoroughly researched pieces covering Jackson District Library’s 150 years of history. Find ways to explore the state’s destinations at reduced cost via the library, with the Michigan Activity Pass. And more summer fun is on the way, as we highlight several databases that can help you see what Detroit looked like in 1835, or appraise antique furniture. Let’s get this summer started!




May/June 2015 Newsletter

Summer Reading is Here

The Jackson District Library’s 2015 Summer Reading Program is headed your way, filled with programs, parties, and special events.
We’re starting things off with the 2015 Summer Reading Kickoff on Saturday, June 13, at our Meijer Branch.





March/April 2015 Newsletter

March is a great time to grab your favorite book and dive right into reading!

To kick things off, join us at the fun-filled Where’s Waldo Carnival, or one of the many March is National Reading Month activities we have planned throughout the district.

Not only is March a great month to get into reading, it is also a great time to seek out fun events to enjoy with family or friends!


January/February 2015 Newsletter

The newsletter has arrived!

The new strategic plan has shaped up and is presented in this edition of Chapters. Excellent programming on the effects of climate change, tackling barriers to student success, and Brad West ponders just how overrated bacon is.

We also look ahead to the newest offering to JDL patrons. Streaming digital magazines are on the horizon!

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