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Tessa’s Nonfiction Recommendation: Pandemic by Sonia Shah

Even after reading lots of books on infectious disease, I’m still always interested in a new one. Shah’s newest book, Pandemic, covers new developments and old patterns clearly and factually—and it is, at times, ominous and chilling. The current status of contagions and public health which Shah exposes is riveting, with fascinating details and previously…


Tessa’s Regency Romance Recommendation: Frederica by Georgette Heyer

Known as the creator of the historical romance and the Regency (England) Romance in particular, Georgette Heyer was a prolific writer her entire life, having 48 titles in print at the time of her death. Years ago, I wrote a review of one of her mysteries, Envious Casca. Now I want to you to try…


Tessa’s New Book Review: City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett misses the high mark

In 2014 Robert Jackson Bennett published City of Stairs, an amazingly drawn and vivid world build with a story that was equal parts fantasy, mystery, espionage and character studies. The plotting was well-paced and intriguing, with multiple storylines that are clearly defined while still unfinished at the end of the first book. After finishing City…


Questions About the Presidential Candidates?

The current presidential campaign has me somewhat on edge, because it is still not down to two candidates. That’s the longest I can remember the nominations remaining undecided, ever—and I am an old termagant. Suddenly all the primaries are getting attention, not just Iowa and New Hampshire. Even Michigan will have a role in the…

Young Poets

Enter The 2016 Young Poets Contest

The Jackson District Library is pleased to announce the twelfth annual, “Poets Among Us: Young Poets Contest 2016.” With almost 10,000 student entries during the first eleven years, this event has proven to be very successful with students, teachers and parents. Over the years, entries have been received from entire classrooms, as well as students…


Support Jackson District Library While You Shop

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner your Jackson District Library is offering a new and easy way for you to lend support, without doing anything you wouldn’t already be doing! While the library provides access to books, music, and more sometimes these items may not be available immediately at the library,…


Tessa’s Syfy Series Recommendation: The Expanse by James S. A. Corey

An exciting new tv show will debut December 14th on the Syfy channel. This series, The Expanse, is based on one of the best new science fiction series in recent years. Starting with Leviathan Wakes, the coauthors (using a pen name) have created a future world in which interplanetary conflict puts mankind on the verge…

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