Andrew Carnegie Jr. 2001-2014

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Andrew Carnegie Jr. poses on the Carnegie library's spiral staircase.Andrew came to the library in June of 2001. Fortunately he met Shawna from the Children’s Department at Carnegie.

She was walking between the Carnegie building and the JDL Administration building when she saw two boys trying to stuff a kitten into a plastic bag. Shawna, kind person that she is, rescued the kitten and brought him in the library. With the permission of the director at the time, he was given a home in the Carnegie building. After a visit to a local vet he was determined healthy and given an approximate birthday in March. Since Andrew Carnegie donated the money to build the Carnegie library on March 18, the kitten was given the name Andrew Carnegie Jr. with the birthday of March 18.

Andrew spent his work week at the Carnegie building performing his chores just like the rest of the workers. He was let out of his dorm in the reference office each morning by the earliest staff member, then he made his rounds, checking out new smells, nibbling plants, administering attention to the staff members who came in early and demanding treats and tummy rubs from those he knew would give them. He was always eager to have his picture taken and has been featured in many library displays over the years. After the library opened for the day, he was placed downstairs in the Interloan/Reference department area. He would spend his day helping with the Interloan books and sitting in the window of the Reference office in the summer or warming his belly by the space heater in the winter. He was always up to a visit from his adoring public and he was ever popular with those being given a tour of the Carnegie building. Several times he even had a birthday party with cake for the people, and tuna for Andrew. He always got lots of presents from his friends.

Mr. Andrew Carnegie Jr. sitting on top of the World Book.
Every weekend he would go home with Debbie – the Reference Coordinator. There he played with her cats and dog and rested up for another week of library cat work. It’s a tough job but he was a tough cat and equal to the challenge.

Andrew retired from his library service in 2011 to a life of leisure in Ann Arbor Michigan with Debby – the Reference Coordinator. Sadly, Andrew Carnegie Jr. passed away from a stroke on May 27, 2014.

May his spirit forever grace the Carnegie Library.

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  1. Anonymous Posted on June 1, 2014 at 10:55 am

    I had no idea the legendary cat passed away a few months ago. My condolences to the library.

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